Kitchen cabinet,Wardrobe,Bathroom cabinet,Showeroom,Shower head,Toilet,Bathroom cabinet Mirror and so on.

  • Kitchen Cabinets

    We can provide the completed customized kitchen cabinet for your project.We have all kinds of material,including melamine,lacquer,UV lacquer,wood veneer,solid wood,Acrylic,stainless steel. For the base material we have 18mm plywood,partical board,OSB material and American solid wood. We have very good quality kitchen cabinets.

    Kitchen Cabinets

    Kitchen Cabinets
  • Wardrobe

    We have sliding door,swing door and open walk in closet for wardrobe design. For the material,we have solid wood,lacquer,UV lacquer,melamine and so on.We have plywood,partical board,OSB board and American solid wood and so on.


  • Bathroom Cabinets

    We are keen on exporting & designing home decor products. With decor of special distressed color and distinctive antique look, our

    Bathroom Cabinets

    Bathroom Cabinets
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Balo’s Group was established in 1999. We specializes in manufacturing of kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, bathroom cabinet and other home furniture. We are the dream house solution provider who can offer exceptional design and professional service for both the private individual and the real estate project. Our factory is based in Panyu disctrict,Guangzhou, with over 2000 square meters area of production line. Our production line machines are imported from Germany, Homag Brand. Our partical board, plywood, OSB board and America solid wood raw material are of very high quality which meets the European environmental and friendly standard. The Balo’s Group production line, includes board cutting prfile,CNC edge banding,CNC drill hole profile. Each of our product under goes a vigorous quality control testing process during production which follows right through to the final stages to products assembling. Any faults found during quality control, it rectified immediately prior to distribution. Our well trained employees work very hard in ensuring all packaging materials used are of high standard, environmentally friendly and durable. Balo’s Group offers solutions for over 1000 families and exported goods to over 113 countries and regions. Our target is to help you make your dream house interior, a reality for each clients through our Kitchen white goods appliances, Cabinets, and home furniture.Balos is your best partner in China!

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About Us



Design: Custom made joinery flexibly according to your requirement including: wood work, stone, acrylic and metal work.  Measure taking: Customers can get the professional measurement taking guidance from us. Production: Customers can have production photos to know the process and lead time for their project. Inspection: Customers can get the inspection report for their project. Package: Stronge package with pallet and plywood protection. Shipment: Can help client to organize their goods to load container together. Installation: We can share the installation catalogue to guide client to install the kitchen and wardrobe. And we have after sales service department staff to follow and assist how to install the products.

  • Design

    Custom made joinery flexibly according to your requirement including: wood work, stone, acrylic and metal work.  We are able to provide 2D shop drawing and 3D rendering for client.

  • Inspection

    Customers can get the inspection report for their project.

  • package

    We will use the pallet,plywood to make the package strong so that the package will be very good after long time transportation by shipment.

  • Shipment

    Regarding the shipment,we will provide the shipment service,including book container and finish the clearance documents.Even client has their goods to load in the same container,we are able to help client to organize it.

  • installation

    We can provide installation service ①we can provide installation catalogue for client to guide the installation. ②We have some local technicians who cooperated with us for many years,we can recommend the local technician. ③If client require Chinese technician to come to their job site,then we can send Chinese technician to overseas.



How to choose the good kitchen cabinet?
August 08 2021 How to choose the good kitchen cabinet?

Many people ask me how to choose the good kitchen cabinet? There are several elements to choose the good kitchen cabinet. ①The thickness of panel In the market,there are two different kind of thickness for the carcass,16mm or 18mm.Our thickness of carcass is 18mm. ②The raw material of carcass There are several different kinds of base material,including partical board,plywood,OSB panel and American solid wood. Partical board Plywood OSB panel American solid wood According to the project budget and the weather,we will give you professional suggestion to choose the right base material. ③Edge banding quality The edge banding is one of the important key role in the kitchen quality.We use the good brand glue and Homag brand edge banding machine,which are warranty of edge banding. ④Door panel material We have may options for the door panel material,including melamine,,lacquer,PVC,wood veneer,solid wood,acrylic,PET,stainless steel material.We will offer professional recommendation according to your requirement and the project details. ⑤The good accessory We have the pull out basket for base cabinet,wall cabinet and tall cabinet,even the sink cabinet to make the kitchen functional and practical.

Working Process of customized furniture for one Project
August 08 2021 Working Process of customized furniture for one Project

Project in Accra&Kumasi,Ghana Many people don't know how to work about the customized furniture from Balos cabinet. Since we have got the inquiry from one of client in Accra,what we have done for him?Let me show you the below; ①When our client send the inquiry,we will ask to send the floor plan. According to the floor plan,we will check the layout,if the layout is not practical,we may offer suggestions.We double check the position where we will need to offer cabinet,and confirm with client. ②Design requirement discussion We will ask the questions like that:what kind of style you prefer?We have classic and Modern style for our client reference.This client prefer modern style,then we recommend the wood grain and high gloss lacquer.But this client don't like melamine,what should we reach this requirement?Then we upgrade melamine to wood veneer,which is superior than melamine. After this discussion,we will provide the shop drawing for client to confirm the design retails.Also client will take this drawing to double check the measurement. After confirm the this design,we will offer final 3D rendering after the deposit. ③Production Durning the production period,we will share the process and lead time for our client.So our client will know when the goods will be ready and prepare the balance payment to load container. ④Inspection After production,client will receive the inspection report so that he can check the goods quality. ④Container loading&Process to export We will share the container loading photos to our clients so that they will know the container situation. ⑤Installation We will share the installation guidance for our client.Any questions for the installation,we will assist client to do it. ⑥Feedback from client We are so glad that our client is very happy with our quality.

How to measure your kitchen?
August 10 2020 How to measure your kitchen?

Firstly: POSITION and LAYOUT of the walls, passages, doors, windows, appliances, sockets, water pipes etc. are firstly required to be considered before design. Because they are extremely important to the cabinets layout and the following design. Also they might cause issues during the installations if the important position is misplaced. TOTAL WIDTH of Each finished Wall “AAA”, Doors(from walls to frames)”BBB”, free standing Island ”CCC”, passage “DDD”, Windows (from walls to frames), etc. are required for the Design or Confirmations of the final production drawings. Please make sure the total width is enough for cabinets to fit in and walk by after we putting the 50mm fillers on each sides. We will provide professional shop drawing for you to double check the dimension.According to the shop drawing,we will share how to check dimension. 1. Do the measurement with Elevations order: A-B-C-D-E to avoid missing. 2. Total Height from FINISHED Floor to WINDOWS, DOORS, BUILKHEAD, CEILING, SEMI HIGH WALL for ISLAND, SOCKET, WATER OUTLET are required if there is cabinets by . The total height will effect the cabinets daily use or installation which might cause issues that the cabinets block the view of window or cover the sockets and outlet. 3. Total Width of each Elevation if the same as floor plan Refer to CAD

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