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How to choose the good kitchen cabinet?

  • August 08, 2021

Many people ask me how to choose the good kitchen cabinet?

There are several elements to choose the good kitchen cabinet.

The thickness of panel

In the market,there are two different kind of thickness for the carcass,16mm or 18mm.Our thickness of carcass is 18mm.

②The raw material of carcass

There are several different kinds of base material,including partical board,plywood,OSB panel and American solid wood.

Partical board


OSB panel

American solid wood

According to the project budget and the weather,we will give you professional suggestion to choose the right base material.

③Edge banding quality

The edge banding is one of the important key role in the kitchen quality.We use the good brand glue and Homag brand edge banding machine,which are warranty of edge banding.

④Door panel material

We have may options for the door panel material,including melamine,,lacquer,PVC,wood veneer,solid wood,acrylic,PET,stainless steel material.We will offer professional recommendation according to your requirement and the project details.

⑤The good accessory

We have the pull out basket for base cabinet,wall cabinet and tall cabinet,even the sink cabinet to make the kitchen functional and practical.

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