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Creating a Working From Home Setup in Your Kitchen

  • April 12, 2022

Creating a Working From Home Setup in Your Kitchen

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As we near the halfway point of 2022, many of us will have experienced a lengthy duration of working from home. There will be an array of feelings towards these conditions and their home setups. Some may find it impossible to work within five metres of their bed without feeling the gravitational allure of its cosiness and hence would rather work outside the bedroom. Maybe you burn through your coffee far too quickly and would rather be closer to your refills. Or perhaps you need to make sure the kids are doing their school assignments properly while you perform your daily tasks. If some of these apply to you, or if some other reasons point to the notion of positioning your working from home setup within the kitchen, then you’re in the right place. In this blog, we’ll show you how QN Designs can help transform your kitchen to accommodate for your home office needs and create a working environment suited for you and your family.

Dining Table Extension

This is a kitchen layout that has been gaining steady popularity over the past few years and provides great functionality especially for those working from home. It adheres to an open plan look that characterises modern interior design and helps to give you a convenient working spot especially within small, boxy living spaces where a home office is just not feasible. Give your dining table more utilisation that its mere couple hours a day for meals by using its space to spread out your files and place your laptop. In this kind of open plan layout, you also don’t need to worry about having artificial lighting as the kitchen is generally bathed in a vast amount of natural light, giving you a pure and comforting working environment.

In addition to providing working from home functions, there are numerous design options when one opts for this kind of look in their kitchen. It gives you the option of choosing a two-tone kitchen, adding extra depth to the aesthetic of the room. Whether it be a stone waterfall accompanied with a wooden tabletop or merely two different stone colours, it will undoubtedly bring a stylish contemporary look to the entire place.

Island Bench & Breakfast Bars

An alternative place to set up your workstation in the kitchen is at the seats of the breakfast bar or the overhang of the island bench. This is a great opportunity to get some more time with your kids or ensure that they are completing their assignments as they can work diligently on their homework while you go about your usual tasks of the day in the kitchen. Its also just a great alternative for yourself to get some work done when the rest of the potential study rooms are being taken up by the other members of the family. While giving you convenient access to snacks, coffee and tea whenever you feel like it, it can also provide all the other utilities that you need to work comfortably from home. Even at an island bench, you can include some sneaky power supply options. Whether it be underneath the overhang or using a nifty pop-up mechanism, everything is there to help you work all throughout the evening.

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Hidden File Storage

One other essential to having a working from home setup is a place to conveniently store and retrieve your documents, books and files. Whether you’re working from the dining table, the island bench overhang or from the breakfast bar, it would be convenient if you can grab the resources you need without having to move into another room. At the same time however, you want to ensure that the minimalist look or the kitchen aesthetic that you have isn’t obscured by file binders and documents strewn around. The solution to this is hidden storage cabinets. Disguised as inattentive panels, these can hold all your working resources while allowing your kitchen to maintain its tidy and ordered disposition. These hidden cabinets can be incorporated in just about any of the aforementioned situations. Use these storage solutions as table support underneath the extended dining table or have these handy cabinets at your feet when you sit at the breakfast bar or island bench.

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