How to make your personal customized wardrobe for bedroom furniture

  • 2020-07-02 10:50:31

modern walk in closet

There it stands now, the personal wardrobe made to measure. It fits perfectly into the room. The design and fittings are just as you always imagined them to be. All the perfectly fitted shelves, clothes rails and storage elements are waiting to be filled and hung. A real unique piece, which was realized by numerous helping hands. But what does the path to the dream wardrobe look like and how is a wardrobe made to measure from different materials, individual elements and a lot of manual work? Join us on a journey from the first idea to the finished wardrobe and experience how walk-in wardrobes are created.

Based on the variety of materials presented on the website, you can also get an impression of the different door panels. If you would like to see how the various ideas for your own made-to-measure wardrobe can be implemented with Balos, try out the configurator. It helps to find out which solution fits which room conditions, which combination works how and much more.

Planning your personal wardrobe to measure with individual advice

Roughly planned and in different variants, the cabinet is now available online. Now it is all about making the idea become reality. There are different possibilities for this. Either you send a request via the website. The nearest dealer will be informed. They will then know exactly what they are looking for and will contact you to arrange a consultation appointment. If you already know your personal Balos consultant, you can also send the configurator planning directly there or print it out and bring it with you at the agreed appointment.

With the support of the retailer, the final made-to-measure wardrobe starts to take shape. An in-depth conversation in which individual needs, personal style and wardrobe usage behaviour are discussed helps in this process. What is wrong with the current wardrobe, what do you want for the new model and should it become a walk-in wardrobe, a dressing room or a built-in wardrobe?

A real made-to-measure wardrobe also includes an individually adapted interior system and the appropriate accessories. How many drawers, clothes rails, trouser pull-outs etc. are needed and how best to position them? Which color and surface finishes do you like? The answers to these and other questions are taken into account when planning a wardrobe made to measure. Finally, the choice of doors (sliding, folding or hinged) follows, which can be planned according to your wishes.

From measurement to technical drawing

After all the planning, we now move on to the implementation. So the dealer first makes an appointment at the customer's premises to measure the room. This is essential so that the wardrobe made to measure fits one hundred percent.

The results of the consultation as well as the exact measurements are passed on to Balos order processing. There the planning is checked to see if everything is consistent and feasible.

The modern walk in closet made to measure becomes reality!

Everything has been planned, measured and prepared, so now it's time for the »handmade«: the order reaches production. The first step is to cut the aluminum profile. Then follows the door construction i.e. aluminum profile and door panel are assembled to the finished door. With the help of modern CNC technology, the interior systems are made to fit exactly. Then all parts have to be packed for safe transport before shipping to the dealer begins. Now only the assembly at the customer's home is missing. This is done by the dealer on the agreed date. Once the wardrobe is made to measure, the circle is complete. Because now it is just waiting to be filled.

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